An InVidia Video Editor

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An InVidia Video Editor

InVidia TV is a new product from ViaMarks, which is its paid membership service offering video streaming and downloading capabilities. It allows its members to use an easy to use remote control feature to view different types of video on their televisions from around the world. ViaMarks also offers a video downloading program that has five pros and one cons, which we will analyze here. Our InVidia review source will also take a look at the pricing options offered with this service.

ViaMarks TV, like other similar programs, provides its members with the ability to download and watch various types of videos. The InVidia program comes with four premium templates, which can be customized according to a person’s taste. In case one gets bored with the default themes, which are available in the program, one gets the ability to change them to their liking. It is also possible to get a free trial version of the program, which can be used for a one month trial period.

One important thing that is worth noting about InVidia TV is that it is a high quality service that is supported by both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. In case of the latter, it comes complete with a desktop publishing tool that is capable of supporting all types of digital movie files. In the case of Windows, one gets the added advantage of having support for AVI, MPG and MPEG formats. The professional video editing software also comes with a comprehensive set of editing features, including redrawing, cropping, renaming, adding text, and a host of others.

The pre-made templates that are available from the program come with both the front and back views. One can select any of the templates and get started with simple video editing. The interface has a few pre-made options that include different kinds of video recording and text recording. In addition, the InVidia software also features an attractive library feature that allows one to keep track of all their projects. This feature helps one to save time and effort in searching for various video files.

InVidia also offers a “flatbed” version of the InVidia software along with the InVidia TV template program. This flatbed version allows one to edit both the front and back views with the same program. Flatbed templates are available in high definition and come with either pan and zoom or time selection features. Other options in the program include a number of backgrounds, text effects, and photos.

InVidia does not limit one to the pre-made templates that are part of the InVidia software package, but it does offer a number of high quality themes for the InVidia TV. These themes, as well as other premium features, can be obtained by contacting the support team. In the event that one requires additional information on how to make use of InVidia’s software to create high quality videos, the company provides tutorials and online classes.

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