Animoto – Review on the Best Online Video Maker

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Animoto – Review on the Best Online Video Maker

What is the best video maker? That question still remains unanswered. Video editing is definitely the best way to create your own personal movies. When you are planning to make your own movies or have already made several movies, you need to choose the best video maker that will suit your needs and give you a pleasurable experience. In choosing a video editor, you need to consider a few factors.

Best Video Editor – The feature list is a factor that most users look for in a movie editor. The feature list is a review recap of the best features and options of each video editing program and you need to find the same features in a video editor that you are considering. The best video maker should offer an extensive feature list with a detailed description so that you know what you are getting into. In this review, I will compare the different movie editors and identify what are the best options.

The following is my opinion on the best video maker review. This is based on my testing and preferences as a movie editor. In my opinion, there are five important features that all good editors should have. I would say these are high picture and audio quality, wide screen capture option, easy interface, built-in time limit, motion detection, and undo capabilities. The best video maker review will clearly reveal which of these products meet your requirements and which ones do not.

Animation Director – This is the third best video maker review, which was created by Avid Movie Maker user Eric Lewis. Eric states that the animoto software is similar to Adobe Elements or Quicktime but the key difference he noticed is that it has the ability to export in AVI or MPG format. He also went on to say that the size of the program is small and it takes a while for the program to load.

The animation director gives good praise to animoto and gave some tips on how to import videos in to the program and create a trailer for your film. He also added that the video editing tools that come with it are great and the one draw back that users might have is the fact that the imported media might not be lossless. According to him the only draw back is that you can’t add text and still images. In my opinion, the spark effect that you will be able to create will make this product worth it. He went on to say that spark does come in a low-priced price and for someone just starting out with video editing tools, the spark effect will be one of the highlights of the product. He also went onto say that he has used the spark effect in his commercial and was very happy with the results.

Overall, animoto seems to be a good all around video editing tool for all of your editing needs whether its to make professional looking videos or simple home movies. They have several features that allow you to import videos into your computer and make professional looking videos in a short amount of time. The prices are reasonable and they make it easy to import videos into windows so that you can make professional looking videos. You also have the ability to export your videos to YouTube, Metacafe, Google videos and many other places. Overall I would recommend animoto to anyone looking for a good online video maker that will fit their budget and needs.

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