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If you’ve ever wanted to create stunning videos but felt intimidated by complex video editing software, fear not! Invideo’s Free Online Video Editor is here to save the day. Whether you’re looking to make videos for your social media channels, presentations, or any other reason, Invideo is your ultimate solution. With its user-friendly interface and a wide range of customizable templates, Invideo makes the video editing process a breeze. Say goodbye to hours spent learning how to use complicated software and hello to professional-looking videos in no time. Get started today and unleash your creativity with Invideo’s Free Online Video Editor!

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Benefits of Using Invideo’s Online Video Editor

Invideo’s online video editor offers a multitude of benefits that make it the ultimate choice for video creators. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced editor, Invideo’s user-friendly interface, wide range of templates, customizable text and animation options, extensive media library with royalty-free content, easy-to-use editing tools, inbuilt voice recorder, collaboration and sharing features, efficient export and uploading capabilities, cloud storage for projects, and responsive customer support ensure a seamless and enjoyable video editing experience. Let’s explore each of these benefits in detail.

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User-Friendly Interface

Invideo’s online video editor boasts a user-friendly interface that allows you to dive into video editing without any hassle. The intuitive layout and straightforward navigation make it easy to understand and navigate through the various features and tools. Whether you’re new to video editing or a seasoned pro, you’ll find Invideo’s interface to be highly intuitive and beginner-friendly.

Wide Range of Templates

One of the standout features of Invideo is its extensive collection of templates. With a wide range of options available, you can effortlessly create stunning videos for any occasion or purpose. Whether you’re creating promotional videos, social media content, or personal videos, Invideo offers templates tailored to suit your needs. These templates not only save you time but also ensure a professional and visually appealing end result.

Customizable Text and Animation

Invideo provides you with the ability to customize text and animation within your videos. You can easily add, edit, and format text to convey your message effectively. Furthermore, with a variety of animation options available, you can enhance the visual appeal of your videos and make them more engaging. Customizing text and animation in Invideo is a breeze, allowing you to add a personal touch to your videos effortlessly.

Media Library with Royalty-Free Content

Finding and incorporating high-quality media content into your videos is made easy with Invideo’s extensive media library. The media library contains a vast collection of images, videos, music, and sound effects that are completely royalty-free. This means you can use these assets in your videos without any legal concerns or copyright issues. With the media library, you can add a professional touch to your videos by including visually appealing images, captivating videos, and captivating soundtracks, all without having to search elsewhere for royalty-free content.

Easy-to-Use Editing Tools

Invideo’s editing tools are designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Whether you’re trimming video clips, adjusting audio levels, or adding effects, the editing tools in Invideo make the process seamless and straightforward. The intuitive controls and real-time preview capabilities allow you to see the changes in your video instantly, ensuring you achieve the desired result with ease.

Inbuilt Voice Recorder

Invideo takes convenience to the next level by providing an inbuilt voice recorder. This feature allows you to record your voice directly within the editor, eliminating the need for external recording software. Whether you’re adding voiceovers or narration to your videos, the inbuilt voice recorder ensures a seamless recording experience without the hassle of switching between different applications.

Collaboration and Sharing Features

Collaboration is a key aspect of video editing, especially for teams working on projects together. Invideo offers collaboration and sharing features that enable multiple team members to work on the same project simultaneously. By inviting team members and assigning roles and permissions, you can ensure smooth collaboration and efficient workflow. Additionally, the ability to review and comment on projects in real-time allows for clear communication and effective feedback.

Efficient Export and Uploading

Once you’ve completed your video editing process, Invideo makes it easy to export and upload your videos. With a few simple clicks, you can choose the appropriate file format and resolution for your video. Invideo ensures that your videos are optimized for sharing across various platforms, including social media, websites, and presentations. Whether you’re exporting your video to share on YouTube, Facebook, or any other platform, Invideo provides a seamless and efficient export process.

Cloud Storage for Projects

With Invideo, you don’t have to worry about losing your projects or constantly transferring files. Invideo offers cloud storage for your projects, allowing you to store and access them from anywhere at any time. This eliminates the need to carry external storage devices or rely on a specific device to work on your videos. The cloud storage feature ensures that your projects are secure and readily available whenever you need them.

Responsive Customer Support

Invideo values customer satisfaction and provides responsive customer support to address any queries or concerns you may have. The dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues or provide guidance on how to best utilize the features and tools offered by Invideo. Whether you need help with troubleshooting, understanding a specific feature, or seeking advice for video editing techniques, the customer support team is just a message away.

By encompassing all these benefits, Invideo truly stands out as the ultimate online video editor, offering unmatched ease of use, a wide range of templates, customization options, an extensive media library, efficient editing tools, collaboration features, efficient export and uploading, cloud storage, and responsive customer support. With Invideo, creating professional-looking videos has never been easier.

Getting Started with Invideo

Now that we’ve explored the numerous benefits of Invideo’s online video editor, let’s delve into the process of getting started with Invideo. From creating an account to understanding the workspace, this section will guide you through the initial steps of using Invideo effectively.

Creating an Account

To begin using Invideo’s online video editor, you’ll need to create an account. This process is quick and easy. Simply visit the Invideo website and click on the “Sign Up” button. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address and create a password. Once you’ve provided the required information, click “Create Account,” and you’ll officially have access to Invideo’s features and tools.

Logging In

Once you’ve created your account, logging in to Invideo is a straightforward process. Visit the Invideo website and click on the “Log In” button. Enter the email address and password associated with your account and click “Log In.” You’ll be redirected to the Invideo dashboard, where you can begin your video editing journey.

Navigating the Dashboard

Upon logging in, you’ll find yourself on the Invideo dashboard. The dashboard serves as your control center, providing easy access to all the essential features and tools. Here, you’ll find options to create a new project, access your existing projects, browse the media library, and explore various settings. Familiarize yourself with the dashboard layout to seamlessly navigate through the editing process.

Understanding the Workspace

Once you’ve created or opened a project, you’ll be directed to the editing workspace. This is where the magic happens! The workspace is divided into different sections, each serving a specific purpose. You’ll find the timeline at the bottom, where you can arrange and manage your video clips, audio tracks, and other media elements. The preview window allows you to see your video in real-time as you make changes. Various tools and options are available on the sides and top of the workspace, allowing you to customize and enhance your videos to perfection. Spend some time exploring the different sections of the workspace to familiarize yourself with its layout and functionality.

Getting started with Invideo is a breeze. By creating an account, logging in, navigating the dashboard, and understanding the workspace, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your video editing journey. Now that you’re familiar with the basics, let’s explore the vast array of features Invideo has to offer.

Exploring Invideo’s Features

Invideo’s online video editor is packed with features that enable you to unleash your creativity and create impressive videos. From importing media files to adjusting video speed, let’s dive into each of Invideo’s features and discover how they can enhance your video editing process.

Importing Media Files

One of the first steps in video editing is importing your media files into Invideo. Whether you have video clips, images, or audio files, you can easily upload them to the editor. Invideo supports a wide range of file formats, ensuring compatibility with various media types. Simply click on the “Import” button in the toolbar or drag and drop your files into the workspace to begin incorporating your media into your project. Invideo’s seamless import feature saves you time and allows for a smooth editing process.

Using Templates for Quick Editing

Templates are a convenient and time-saving feature provided by Invideo. With a vast collection of templates available, you can choose from different styles, themes, and moods to create the perfect video for your intended purpose. Templates cover various categories such as travel, food, fashion, business, and more, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Using templates eliminates the need to start from scratch, making video creation quick and easy. Simply select a template that resonates with your vision, customize it as desired, and voila! You have a captivating video ready to share.

Customizing Text and Animation

Invideo enables you to add a personal touch to your videos by customizing the text and animation. Whether you’re adding captions, titles, or subtitles, Invideo provides numerous font options, colors, and formatting tools to help you create visually appealing text overlays. Additionally, you can animate your text to make it stand out and engage your audience further. Experiment with different text styles and animation effects to find the perfect combination that suits your video’s tone and message.

Adding Background Music and Audio

Background music and audio play a vital role in enhancing the overall impact of your videos. Invideo offers a vast collection of royalty-free music and sound effects, allowing you to choose the perfect soundtrack to complement your visuals. With a wide range of genres and moods available, you can easily find music that suits the tone and theme of your video. Invideo also enables you to adjust the volume levels and apply audio effects to fine-tune the audio aspects of your videos. Adding background music and audio in Invideo enhances the viewing experience and brings your videos to life.

Applying Filters and Effects

Filters and effects can transform the look and feel of your videos, adding a layer of creativity and visual appeal. Invideo provides a range of filters and effects to choose from, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic and mood. Whether you’re looking for a vintage look, a cinematic vibe, or a vibrant and colorful feel, Invideo’s filters and effects have you covered. Apply these enhancements to your videos effortlessly and elevate their visual impact.

Adjusting Video Speed

The pace of your videos can significantly impact the overall viewing experience. Invideo allows you to adjust the speed of your videos, whether you want to slow them down for dramatic effect or speed them up for a fast-paced sequence. By controlling the video speed, you can enhance storytelling, emphasize certain moments, or create a specific atmosphere. Invideo’s video speed adjustment feature provides flexibility and creativity in shaping the tempo of your videos.

Using Chroma Key

Chroma Key, also known as green screen, is a powerful feature offered by Invideo. It allows you to remove a specific color (usually green or blue) from your videos and replace it with another background or image. This technique is commonly used in film and television production to create various visual effects. Whether you want to transport your viewers to a different location or layer multiple videos seamlessly, Invideo’s Chroma Key feature provides endless creative possibilities.

Adding Subtitles and Captions

Invideo makes it easy to add subtitles and captions to your videos, ensuring accessibility and improving viewer engagement. By including text that corresponds to the audio in your videos, you make them accessible to viewers with hearing disabilities or those watching without sound. Invideo provides tools to easily add and customize subtitles and captions, allowing you to control the position, font, and appearance of the text to suit your video’s style.

Enhancing Video Quality

As a video creator, you strive to deliver high-quality content to your viewers. Invideo assists in enhancing the quality of your videos with its built-in video enhancement tools. You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and other settings to ensure your videos look stunning and professional. Invideo’s video enhancement features enable you to fine-tune the visual aspects of your videos and deliver a visually appealing experience.

Trimming and Splitting Video Clips

Trimming and splitting video clips are fundamental techniques in video editing, and Invideo provides easy-to-use tools for these tasks. If you need to remove unwanted sections or shorten the duration of a video clip, Invideo’s trimming feature allows you to do so effortlessly. Splitting video clips is useful when you want to separate a continuous clip into smaller segments or rearrange the order of different sections. Invideo’s trimming and splitting tools give you precise control over your video content, allowing you to create seamless transitions and refine the flow of your videos.

By exploring and utilizing the various features offered by Invideo, you can take your video editing skills to new heights. Whether you’re importing media files, using templates for quick editing, customizing text and animation, adding background music and audio, applying filters and effects, adjusting video speed, using Chroma Key, adding subtitles and captions, enhancing video quality, or trimming and splitting video clips, Invideo provides all the tools necessary to create stunning videos that captivate your audience.

Working with the Media Library

Invideo’s media library is a treasure trove of high-quality content that can elevate your videos to the next level. Let’s dive into the various aspects of working with the media library, from accessing and searching for content to previewing and managing media files.

Accessing the Media Library

To access Invideo’s media library, simply click on the corresponding tab or icon within the Invideo editor. This will open up a vast collection of images, videos, music, and sound effects that are ready to be used in your projects. Invideo’s media library is conveniently organized and accessible within the editor, allowing for seamless browsing and selection of media content.

Browsing and Searching for Content

Invideo’s media library offers a wide range of content to choose from, and browsing through the collection is a breeze. You can explore various categories, genres, and themes to find the perfect media content for your videos. Additionally, Invideo provides a search feature that allows you to enter keywords or specific terms to quickly locate relevant media files. Whether you’re looking for a specific image, a particular video clip, or a distinct music track, Invideo’s browsing and search options ensure you find what you’re looking for efficiently.

Previewing and Selecting Content

Before incorporating media files into your projects, it’s essential to preview them to ensure they align with your creative vision. Invideo’s media library provides preview options that allow you to play videos, view images, and listen to audio tracks before selecting them. This ensures that you’re making an informed decision about the content you’re adding to your videos. Once you’ve found the perfect media files, simply click on them to select and add them to your project.

Organizing and Managing Media Files

As your video projects grow in complexity and scale, it becomes crucial to keep your media files organized. Invideo provides tools and features that allow you to manage and organize your media files efficiently. You can categorize media files into folders, create playlists, or group them based on different criteria. This organization ensures easy access to the content you need during the video editing process, improving workflow and productivity.

Downloading and Saving Media Files

Invideo offers the convenience of being able to download and save media files from the media library. This is useful if you want to keep a local copy of a particular image, video, music track, or sound effect to use in future projects. By downloading and saving media files, you have the flexibility to reuse and repurpose content without having to rely solely on the online media library. Invideo’s download and save options ensure that you always have access to the media files you need, even when you’re not connected to the internet.

By harnessing the power of Invideo’s media library, you can easily find, preview, and incorporate high-quality content into your videos. The ability to access a vast collection of images, videos, music, and sound effects greatly enhances your creative possibilities and ensures that your videos stand out with engaging visuals and captivating audio.

Collaborating and Sharing Projects

Collaboration is key in modern video editing workflows, especially when working on projects with a team. Invideo offers a range of collaboration and sharing features that enable seamless teamwork and efficient project management. Let’s explore the different aspects of collaborating and sharing projects in Invideo.

Inviting Team Members

When working on projects with a team, it’s important to have the ability to invite team members to collaborate. Invideo allows you to easily invite team members by providing their email addresses. Once invited, team members will receive an invitation to join the project and can start contributing immediately. This ensures that everyone involved has access to the project and can collaborate effectively.

Assigning Roles and Permissions

Invideo enables you to assign roles and permissions to team members to ensure smooth and controlled collaboration. You can assign different roles such as editor, reviewer, or administrator, depending on the level of access and responsibilities required. With role-based permissions, you can ensure that each team member has the appropriate level of access to project files and editing capabilities. This helps to streamline the workflow, define responsibilities, and maintain a structured approach to project management.

Real-time Collaboration

Invideo facilitates real-time collaboration by allowing team members to work on a project simultaneously. This means that multiple team members can edit the same project at the same time, eliminating the need for back-and-forth exchanges or waiting for one person to finish before others can start working. Real-time collaboration significantly improves efficiency and enables seamless teamwork, especially for projects with tight deadlines or complex requirements.

Reviewing and Commenting on Projects

Invideo provides features for reviewing and commenting on projects, enabling effective communication and feedback within a team. Team members can leave comments, suggestions, or notes directly within the project, ensuring clear and concise communication. This eliminates the need for external communication tools or lengthy email threads. By centralizing feedback and comments within the project, you can maintain an organized and efficient review process.

Sharing and Exporting Projects

Once a project is completed, Invideo simplifies the process of sharing and exporting the final video. With just a few clicks, you can export your project in the desired file format and resolution. Invideo ensures that your exported video is optimized for sharing across various platforms, including social media, websites, and presentations. Additionally, you can easily share your project with others by generating a shareable link or inviting specific individuals via email. Invideo’s sharing and exporting features make it effortless to showcase your work and collaborate with stakeholders.

Collaboration and sharing play essential roles in successful video editing projects. Invideo’s collaboration features, such as inviting team members, assigning roles and permissions, enabling real-time collaboration, reviewing and commenting on projects, and sharing and exporting projects, streamline the entire process from start to finish. By leveraging these features, you can ensure efficient teamwork, effective communication, and seamless project management.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Video Editing

To further enhance your video editing process and make the most out of Invideo’s features, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

Storyboard Planning

Before diving into video editing, take the time to plan your video using a storyboard. A storyboard is a visual representation of your video, outlining the sequence of shots, transitions, and other key elements. Planning your video with a storyboard ensures a clear vision and helps you stay organized throughout the editing process.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Invideo offers keyboard shortcuts for various editing actions, allowing you to save time and streamline your workflow. Familiarize yourself with the available keyboard shortcuts and utilize them to perform common tasks quickly. This will enhance your efficiency and keep your editing process smooth and seamless.

Utilizing Undo and Redo

Mistakes happen, and that’s where Invideo’s undo and redo options come to the rescue. If you make a mistake or want to revert changes, simply use the undo feature to go back to a previous state. Conversely, the redo option allows you to reapply changes that you’ve undone. These features provide flexibility and ensure that you can experiment freely without the fear of losing progress.

Smart Editing Techniques

Invideo offers numerous editing techniques and tools that can enhance your videos. Experiment with effects, transitions, and other features to add a professional touch to your videos. Additionally, consider using techniques such as crossfades, jump cuts, or split screens to create visually appealing and engaging content.

Optimizing Video Length

When creating videos, it’s important to consider the attention span of your audience. Keep your videos concise and focused, ensuring that the message is effectively communicated within a reasonable duration. Avoid unnecessary repetition or prolonged scenes that may lead to viewer disengagement.

Maintaining Visual Consistency

Consistency is key when it comes to video editing. Pay attention to the visual elements such as color grading, font choices, and overall aesthetics to ensure a cohesive look throughout your video. Consistency creates a coherent viewing experience and enhances the overall impact of your videos.

Adding Transitions and Effects

Transitions and effects can add flair and sophistication to your videos. Experiment with different transition styles, such as fades, wipes, or dissolves, to create smooth and visually appealing scene changes. Additionally, consider using effects such as slow motion, time-lapse, or color grading to create a unique look and feel.

Experimenting with Different Templates

Invideo’s template collection offers a wide range of options for various video types and purposes. Don’t be afraid to explore different templates and experiment with different styles. You may find that a particular template enhances your video’s visuals and storytelling in ways you hadn’t initially considered.

By incorporating these tips and tricks into your video editing process, you can optimize your workflow, maximize your creativity, and create compelling videos that capture the attention of your audience.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

While Invideo’s online video editor is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, you may encounter some technical issues or have questions along the way. Here are some common troubleshooting tips and frequently asked questions to help address any concerns you may have:

Technical Issues and Error Messages

If you encounter any technical issues or error messages while using Invideo, first ensure that you have a stable internet connection. Refresh the page and try again to see if the issue resolves itself. If the problem persists, reach out to Invideo’s customer support team for assistance.

Compatibility and System Requirements

Invideo’s online video editor is compatible with most modern web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Ensure that you’re using an up-to-date browser version for optimal performance. Additionally, make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements outlined by Invideo for smooth operation of the editor.

Troubleshooting Audio and Video Problems

If you’re experiencing audio or video playback issues within Invideo, check your device’s volume and ensure that it’s not muted or set to a very low level. Refresh the page and try playing the video again. If the problem persists, ensure that your media files are in a compatible format and meet the supported specifications of Invideo. If you continue to encounter issues, consider reaching out to Invideo’s customer support for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Invideo for personal and commercial videos? A: Yes, Invideo can be used for both personal and commercial videos. It offers a range of templates, options, and features that cater to various video needs.

Q: Can I cancel my Invideo subscription at any time? A: Yes, you can cancel your Invideo subscription at any time. Simply navigate to your account settings and follow the cancellation process outlined by Invideo.

Q: Is my content secure in Invideo’s cloud storage? A: Yes, Invideo prioritizes the security and privacy of your content. Your projects and media files stored in Invideo’s cloud storage are encrypted and protected. Invideo follows industry-standard security practices to ensure the safety of your data.

If you have any specific questions or concerns that aren’t addressed here, consider reaching out to Invideo’s customer support for personalized assistance and guidance.

Customer Support and Resources

Invideo prides itself on providing excellent customer support to its users. Whether you have inquiries, technical issues, or need guidance on using specific features, Invideo’s customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you. You can reach out to them via email or through Invideo’s website for prompt and helpful responses. In addition to customer support, Invideo offers a knowledge base, tutorials, community forums, and discussions. These resources act as valuable references and help you make the most out of Invideo’s features and tools. Furthermore, Invideo provides premium support and training options for users who require more in-depth assistance. Invideo’s customer support and resources ensure that you have the necessary guidance and resources to create exceptional videos and maximize your video editing experience.

Invideo for Social Media Video Creation

Social media platforms have become powerful channels for video content, and Invideo is the perfect tool for creating engaging and impactful videos tailored for these platforms. Let’s explore how Invideo can optimize your video creation for different social media platforms.

Optimizing Videos for Different Social Media Platforms

Each social media platform has its own unique video requirements and specifications. Invideo allows you to optimize your videos for platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. With pre-set aspect ratios, resolutions, and recommended formats, Invideo ensures that your videos are perfectly optimized for each platform, maximizing their impact and reach.

Creating Engaging Social Media Videos

Invideo’s features and templates cater to the diverse needs of social media video creation. Whether you’re creating captivating Instagram Stories, attention-grabbing Facebook ads, or entertaining TikTok videos, Invideo has the tools and options you need. Experiment with text overlays, animations, effects, and other features to create engaging and shareable videos that resonate with your target audience.

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Adding Captions and Subtitles for Accessibility

Accessibility is crucial for social media videos, and Invideo makes it easy to add captions and subtitles to your videos. By including captions and subtitles, you make your videos accessible to individuals with hearing disabilities and those watching without sound. Invideo’s customizable captioning feature allows you to control the position, font, and appearance of the text to ensure a seamless viewing experience for all.

Promoting Branding and Call-to-Actions

Social media videos provide an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and include call-to-actions. Invideo provides customization options to add your branding elements, such as logos, watermarks, and color schemes, to your videos. Additionally, you can include call-to-action overlays or end screens to direct your audience to take a specific action, such as visiting your website, subscribing to your channel, or making a purchase. Invideo’s branding and call-to-action features empower you to effectively promote your brand and engage your audience on social media platforms.

With Invideo as your go-to online video editor, you can unleash your creativity and create impactful social media videos that capture the attention of your audience. Whether you’re optimizing videos for different platforms, creating engaging content, adding captions and subtitles, or promoting branding and call-to-actions, Invideo empowers you to make a lasting impression in the world of social media video creation.


Invideo’s online video editor revolutionizes the video creation industry, providing a comprehensive set of features and tools that cater to the needs of both beginners and professionals. With an incredibly user-friendly interface, a wide range of templates, customizable text and animation options, an extensive media library with royalty-free content, easy-to-use editing tools, an inbuilt voice recorder, collaboration and sharing features, efficient export and uploading capabilities, cloud storage for projects, and responsive customer support, Invideo sets itself apart as the ultimate choice for video creators.

Whether you’re creating videos for personal projects, social media platforms, marketing campaigns, or any other purpose, Invideo equips you with everything you need to create stunning videos that captivate your audience. From importing media files to utilizing templates, customizing text and animation, adding background music and audio, applying filters and effects, adjusting video speed, using Chroma Key, adding subtitles and captions, enhancing video quality, and trimming and splitting video clips, Invideo’s features cater to all aspects of video editing.

Additionally, Invideo’s media library offers an extensive collection of high-quality content, ensuring that you have access to visually appealing images, captivating videos, and engaging soundtracks without the worry of copyright issues or legal concerns.

Invideo also excels in collaboration and sharing, facilitating teamwork, efficient project management, and effective communication among team members. By inviting team members, assigning roles and permissions, enabling real-time collaboration, reviewing and commenting on projects, and sharing and exporting projects, Invideo streamlines the entire collaborative process.

With Invideo, you have a comprehensive video editing solution at your fingertips. From beginners exploring their creativity to professionals looking to create impactful videos, Invideo ensures a seamless and enjoyable video editing experience. So, why wait? Dive into the world of video editing with Invideo and unleash your creativity today!

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