How to Use InVideo as an Inbound Video Marketing Tool

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How to Use InVideo as an Inbound Video Marketing Tool

Depending on your target audience, there are several different types of videos to consider for your business. The most effective type is the narrative, which introduces your brand and its products in an entertaining, yet straightforward way. This type of video works best on the top of the funnel, where it will introduce your brand to the public. Narrative videos can be anything from a fictional story of a frustrated customer to a story about your company’s personality and values. They are particularly effective at recruiting new employees and establishing trust with the public.

The goal of a video is to entice the viewer to stay on the website and eventually become a lead. While most inbound marketing content is focused on collecting contact information through a contact form, you can also use a short video to delight your viewers. In fact, the shorter your video, the higher the likelihood of delighting your customer. A 15-second video is more likely to be shared than a one-minute video, and will get the best results.

While creating a video can be tricky, there are a few easy ways to make it work for your business. The easiest way to distribute your video is to publish it on owned channels. This means every digital and physical channel your business has, including your website and email lists. Your website and emails, ecommerce pages, apps, and more are all examples of owned distribution channels, and you should leverage them intelligently. If you have a video, you should share it on all of these channels.

The second way to use video is to create a video questionnaire. Create a questionnaire with questions related to your ideal customer. Your video should answer questions about their problems, concerns, and desires. Your video can be a product launch, event ticket, or brand awareness tool. Whatever the use for your video, a questionnaire will help you measure the impact of your video. It will help you create the best content for your business, and help you create better content.

When you are creating a video, you can consider your audience. A non-skippable ad is one that can be skipped, but it will be a generic template full of information. This type of ad will take months to pay off, but you can still tie it to revenue with an in-depth tracking process. By incorporating these strategies, your video will be more effective than ever. For example, the more popular videos will have more viewers than other videos.

Using video to keep customers informed is a great way to stay up to date with the latest news and updates from your industry. For example, AT&T has a YouTube playlist that features industry news and updates. A similar type of video can be used to communicate company updates and new product features. Many businesses have found that the benefits of using video to promote their business are worth it. The most effective videos are those that have a high ROI.

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