Using InVideo – A Free Online Video Editor

InVidar Online Video Editor may not look too much like your typical online video editing program, but it certainly packs a punch. The basic idea behind InVideo is to allow anyone with basic computer skills the ability to make money with videos through the use of video cameras and a web browser interface. InVidar’s creators have clearly spent considerable time and effort in developing a cutting-edge video editing tool that allows even the most technologically-inept person to make professional quality videos and earn a steady income doing so.

InVidar is best compared to Adobe After Effects or Macromedia Freehand video editing programs in terms of flexibility. InVidar gives you access to thousands of different templates to make videos in a number of formats. While the template feature may seem a bit limited, this feature is what really sets InVideo apart from its competitors. While you do have the option to make movies out of photographs or scans of documents, you are only given access to standard formats. That being said, there are still a number of templates that allow you to make full-length movies from simply recording your own video footage. As InVideo uses a HTML5 based user interface, you can also freely edit the finished movie within the software.

InVidar has a very simple learning curve, which may surprise some new users. InVidar’s interface is very similar to those of Adobe Flash and Windows Movie Maker, making it easy to pick up the various functions. While you can’t touch, see, or hear the InVidar templates, they are perfectly understandable and functional. You can create a movie from practically any source, whether you’re using cameras or digital video cameras (DVR) to film your videos and broadcast them to television stations or live streams.

If you want to make movies from beginning to end, or from several different angles, you will need to make use of the Video Editor and Effects modules of InVideo. These features allow you to combine text with photos or music and to make your videos look like real movies. The Video Editor module allows you to select footage from your computer or external media and to arrange and insert it into your project. For a time, you won’t be able to edit your videos. Once you’ve successfully inserted your footage, you will be able to trim, move or zoom the camera so that the picture will look exactly as it appears in the video editing software.

Unlike other free online video editing programs, the Clip Artist is fairly robust. The program includes a library of over three hundred templates for text, photos, and graphics, which allows you to cut your videos out of virtually anything. You can even use the built-in image thumbnails to create a preview of the finished file. The Clip Artist also allows you to merge images from one source with audio from another source to come up with more complicated clips.

The Flex Clip Artist offers a wide range of features and templates, as well as a large number of flexible layouts to choose from. This free online video editing software allows you to save time when trying to make complicated videos. In addition, FlexClip also comes with an audio visual library that makes it easy to come up with interesting ways to combine images and audio. If you make a lot of your videos, however, you might want to check out the additional features of InVideo for a complete solution to editing your videos.

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