Using Invideo Website Builder to Automatically Publish Your Websites to YouTube

A company called Invideo, which is also known as iMovie has created a very innovative new product. Video editing has become one of the biggest growing segments on YouTube, Vimeo and other social media sites. This is partly due to the fact that it is so easy for anyone with a decent camera or webcam to create professional looking videos. Now with the help of iMovie, people can easily add text, music and even video to their videos and share them with friends and family all over the world. There are other advantages to this form of video editing, but I am going to focus on just one of them here.

Invideo Website

One of the great things about Invideo is that they allow you to use their unique aspect ratio tool for editing your video clips. The tool enables you to convert your original clip into a digital file that will play in the majority of all modern web browsers. You can then resize the aspect ratio in accordance with your requirements, which is particularly useful if your audience will be viewing your video clips on a larger screen such as a laptop or desktop computer.

It’s extremely easy to upload and edit your videos on the internet using Invideo; all you need to do is sign up and then upload your files from your digital camera or a USB stick. Once you have uploaded your files, you can then begin uploading and editing your videos on the internet. You can even upload your Invideo Website videos directly from your WordPress Blog, which will enable you to share your videos with your audience in the most convenient way possible.

For this article, we will be using the WordPress Blog platform to upload our Invideo Website videos onto our website. To do this, first open your WordPress dashboard, find the “All In One SEO Plugin” icon and click on it. You should now see a blue URL displayed underneath the settings section. Copy and paste this blue URL into the address input field and click the green’save’ button. If you have a Facebook account then you should see the ‘Create Facebook Video’ option on the main menu.

Now that you have your basic layout, it is time to start uploading some video clips! Firstly, go to the ‘apsember’ section of your blog and click on the “Add Post’ link. You will then be shown two pages containing text and one containing a thumbnail of the video. You are encouraged to add a new video and change the title to match that of your website’s URL. Save all these pages and upload the first video, then edit the others that you want to include.

The final step is to upload your website and change the Invideo theme. Open the ‘apsember’ tab in your WordPress dashboard and select “Settings”. Select the “theme” dropdown at the bottom of the page and click “New”. You will see a page displaying a grid of different colours, choose the “apsember” tab then upload your first video. Now that your website is live, you can login to YouTube and publish your videos, this is how you use Invideo to streamline your online presence.

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