Video Editing Tools For Everyone

In this brief article, we’ll walk you through some of the fundamental video editing choices most all Android devices inherent provide, and introduce you to some powerful video editing programs you can easily use on your portable device. Whether you’re interested in editing long videos with beautiful panoramas, or recording lively home videos and moving them around a large space, these are just the features you need. It’s time to take advantage of the flexibility an Android device offers you – and enjoy it too.

Video Editing App

One excellent video editing app is undoubtedly Google’s Flipboard. When you take a look at Flipboard’s interface, there is a clear separation between the “Live” section of the screen and the functionality of the actual application. You’ll find many dynamic filters, such as Magic Jack and Glitterbox, that are only available by tapping on their icon in the “Live” section. You’ll also find built-in transitions and visual blurs that help achieve visual consistency throughout the whole movie.

Another pro worthy video editing app is Instagram. If you haven’t already joined, Instagram is a great way to add a face to your business cards, marketing materials, and social media accounts. The social networking giant has quickly become a must-have for savvy marketers, and you can easily take advantage of its versatility. Just as you’d want a quality camera to catch those precious moments, so should you invest in a high-quality iPad Pro, or Android smartphone that has the right lens and flash. The ability to shoot high-resolution images in the shortest amount of time is crucial, so don’t skimp on the essentials.

One more great video editing app worth considering is iMovie. Like Flipboard, iMovie offers a lot of rich functions for your phone. Not only do you have a wide range of features that include both filters and titles (another pro worth having), but you also have access to everything from a basic video player to advanced tools for editing. There are also a number of viral “effects” that can be applied to any video, and they’re easy to apply with a single touch. While iMovie isn’t actually a “mature” app, it’s still a terrific choice for anyone shooting for simplicity and economy.

When it comes to video editing tools, nothing beats Blender. Blender has been a long-time rival of Photoshop, and the two companies have continually worked toward making their technology better suited for the professional market. With a huge array of features, a vast library of fonts, and even an advanced tool for modifying pictures, you’re sure to have a lot of fun with this powerful software. Plus, the price of a license is ridiculously low–just about $30!

Of course, we’ve come to end on the best overall software package on the market for editing videos: iMovie pro. If you’re looking to get your kicks in the digital world, don’t even consider going anywhere else. iMovie pro offers everything you need to turn your favorite videos into masterpiece episodes, all at the touch of a button. For under $50, you’ll have all of your editing done for free, and even more features (like background music and animated titles) will be included as soon as you purchase the program. The price of iMovie pro is extremely attractive, and well worth the cost if you want to edit videos with a professional effect.

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