Video Editing Tools For Your Business

Video editing apps for mobile devices are finally here. These apps enable you to make great video clips, presentations on the go. These apps run on your device’s built-in apps and do not require you to download additional apps or use external devices. In fact, all of these features can be carried out straight from the device itself. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best video editing apps for smart phones and tablets.

Video Editing App

We’ve already seen the innovative and attractive functionality of the InVideo app. This app lets you edit your short videos with ease and simplicity. Just tap on the ‘Movie’ option to start shooting, and add text, titles, music and effects according to your taste. You can also experiment with the different settings like color and time stamping. InVideo lets you preview your movie, so you can check your shots and experiment with the different effects and transitions before you actually take the plunge and upload your masterpiece.

Drawvine is another great video editing options that allows you to edit your videos easily. To get started, just tap on the camera icon, and draw on your scenes using the pen tool. The in-built drawing tools allow you to draw text, logos, icons, videos and text. The advanced video editing options let you insert photos and videos of your choice. This app lets you undo your efforts, so you can always go back to the drawing stage if you find that your shot isn’t turning out the way you expected it to. This app lets you preview your work, and share it via email, SMS or Facebook.

Like Drawvine, vivavideo also lets you edit your videos. The difference lies in the number of video editing features that this app has as compared to Drawvine. There are over 40 different video editing features in vivavideo, which allows you to add text, logos, images, animations and transitions among other things. This app provides a great user experience, and does not require a sign up or subscription. You can download the app right away and can even export your work instantly. You can import all your files from your computer and transfer them to vivavideo.

Kinemaster is one of the three different video editing apps that makes use of the Adobe Media Player to provide its users with a smooth and easy to use interface. It comes with different features, and can be used for both uploading and downloading. The main screen of kinemaster looks similar to the format preview of the Adobe Media Player, while offering you different options to select and modify your footage. The main key layout gives you access to the program menu, which helps you switch between different movie screens. You can also go for the options available in the Movie tab, which allow you to choose between cut scenes, video streaming and photo slide show among many others.

Finally, Fotor is one of the three different video editing tools that offers the same great features as Kinemaster, but with a slightly different approach. Like the Kinemaster app, this software allows you to easily change video shots, add text, logos, and animated objects among others. However, the only difference between the two is that the Fotor software is more focused on the technical aspect than it is on aesthetics. With an easy to use interface and a wide range of special effects, Fotor is the best option for both beginners and professionals looking to get the most out of their skills.

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