Video Marketing – How to Use an InVideo Video Creation Tool to Increase Sales and Conversions

Video marketing is the key to building your audience. Whether your product or service is a physical product, you can increase sales and conversions by creating short, snackable videos. The first part of the funnel is awareness; this is where your content must add value and create fun for your audience. After brand awareness is achieved, your audience will move to the Middle Of The Funnel (MOFU) where they evaluate businesses and their ability to solve problems. Using these video segments to sell products and services can be effective and can help increase your brand’s exposure.

video marketing

Once you’ve got your audience’s attention, you can then start the nurturing process. The next step is to nurture your prospective leads. You can do this by offering them a way to subscribe to your newsletter or channel. Once they’ve subscribed, you can send them a link to your website, enabling them to sign up for your newsletter. This is the first sign that your video is working. Don’t forget to thank them for watching your video and make sure they feel like you value their time and attention.

Once the customer has subscribed, you can use an editor to change the backgrounds and add footage. Remember to keep your videos to 5 seconds or less so that they’re easily absorbed by your customers. You can also add text to your video that offers the download or the offer. If your video is short, you’ll need to edit it to add an attractive description of your offer or download it. If you want to entice your customers to take action quickly, you can add a scarcity clause or a limited time offer.

If you want your video to be watched, you should make it dynamic. Make it more interesting by introducing a story in the beginning, a catchy thumbnail, or a punch line. You should also try to establish the subject matter within the first 15 seconds. One example of a short, punch-line video is the CEO of Dollar Shave Club. In the first few seconds, he talks straight to the camera and then makes a joke.

The best way to distribute a video is to publish it across your own channels. Your own website, emails, PDFs, ecommerce pages, and apps are primary sources of information about your company. You should use these channels intelligently to distribute your content. You should not forget to include it in your videos, but you should make it relevant to your target audience. You can create a video to explain your product and service, and let your audience know how you can help them in return.

Creating a video with the right content will help you achieve your goals. Consumers like to see how things work before they buy. The videos you post should help them see how to use the product. A video with a great title will get more views than a boring one without a call to action. The video should be entertaining and informative. It should also make the viewer feel something. The content needs to be appealing to them. The videos should be educational and viral.

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